About Us

Hair Luxury Shop was established 8 years ago by Army veteran Stacey McNeil. While deployed she realized it was hard for female Army soldiers not only to maintain their hair but to find 100% human hair. She spent 3 years searching for the right vendors and testing hair extensions. Through trial and error she found human hair that could be bleached, colored, that maintained its original texture(curly, bodywave, loosewave), and had minimum shedding. Hair Luxury Shop represents beauty and diversity. Even though we started as a movement to support Army soldiers we cater to everyone regardless of ethnicity and gender. You will not find a hair company that sells high quality hair at an affordable price and is actually 100% human hair. We believe in not only saying but actually “Slaying On A Budget”. We challenge you to check out our picture gallery and YouTube reviews to see what the hype is all about.