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our story

Hair Luxury Shop was established 8 years ago by Army veteran Stacey Mcneill. While deployed she realized it was hard for female Army soldiers not only to maintain their hair but to find 100% human hair. 

What Makes Our Hair Different

Our soft, thick, virgin Brazilian hair can be worn straight, wavy or curly style. It can be colored, bleached, straightened, and curled! These extensions have minimal shedding, is true in length, and guaranteed to turn heads at your next girls out!


Wheather you have short hair, brittle hair, dry, curly or even straight hair these extensions will blend in effortlessly with your natural hair. You can expect your hair extensions to look, feel, and function as your natural hair.

100% All-Natural Brazilian Hair

Our 100% human hair extensions have never been treated. Undyed, Untreated, Full, Healthy, and Beautiful.

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RAW Brazilian Hair (3 bundles)
RAW Brazilian Hair (3 bundles) RAW Brazilian Hair (3 bundles) RAW Brazilian Hair (3 bundles) RAW Brazilian Hair (3 bundles)

Brazilian hair is regarded as the finest elite quality human hair because It is  stronger, healthier, and less likely to tangle than ordinary human hair because the cuticle is still intact. With our raw human hair you can cut, curl, straightened or dye the extensions just like you would do your own hair. 

Each selection of hair comes with 3 BUNDLES containing 100 grams of hair or 3.5 oz. Hair is full to the ends and is true to length. Our hair is amazing because it is full of shine, has a lot of movement, soft, and is 100% virgin hair. Four textures are available: Straight, Body wave, Curly, and Deep wave.

***Want to acheive this look?*** Purchase Hair Luxury raw Brazilian 3 bundle deal in a 18,20,22  with a 16 inch frontal.*****